お魚屋みーかがん2号店1周年The first anniversary of Fish shop Mikagan 2nd

(Article : Appreciation)


Thank you very much for your continued patronage of our directly-managed "Fish Shop Mikagan 2nd". Thanks to your support, we will celebrate our first anniversary of the opening on July 10th tomorrow. We are constantly expanding our antenna for information in order to create a new type store where you can "enjoy fish" that has never existed in Okinawa before. We have received hints for next development from the facial expressions and words of our customers in face-to-face sales. We will continue to strive to be a store with high customer satisfaction !

非常感谢您一直以来对我们直营的 "鱼店Mikagan 2nd"的惠顾。 感谢你们的支持,我们将在明天(7月10日)庆祝该店开业一周年。本店不断扩大信息的触角,旨在成为冲绳从未有过的种类“享受鱼”的店铺。在面对面的销售中,我们从客户的表情和话语中得到了对下一步发展的暗示。我们将努力成为客户满意度高的商店!

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🌼2020年6月 Jun 2020


Last year, before the store opened, the staff handcrafted the store's aquarium! Can you feel the staff's love for fish?

在去年开业之前,我们的员工手工制作了我们店的水族箱! 您能感受到我们的员工对鱼的热爱吗?

🌼2020年8月 AUG 2020

Reasonable 1 coin rice bowl sales start. Interesting naming, isn't it? It still reigns as a standard hit product.

经济实惠的 1 硬币碗销售开始。命名也很有趣,不是吗?它仍然是标准的热门产品。

🌼2020年11月 NOV 2020

Our staff will prepare the sashimi from live lobsters at our store ! Don't miss the knife work of the fishery ladies.

我们的工作人员将在我们店内准备龙虾生鱼片! 水产女的刀工是不可错过的。

🌼2021年1月 JAN 2021


We were open for business on New Year's Day. We were able to meet the demand for high quality food for the New Year! As an employee,  I also ran to buy live prawns for my family's New Year's celebration.

🌼2021年2月 FEB 2021


Although we had prepared enough products for the first "Ehomaki", the demand from the STAYHOME greatly exceeded our expectations, and our staffs rolled and rolled and rolled the sushi all day long💦.
尽管我们已经为第一次 来"Ehomaki "准备了足够的产品,但对 "宅 "的需求大大超过了我们的预期,我们工作人员都在全天滚动。

🌼2021年3月 MAR 2021


The sushi buffet was a hit this spring. It uses a lot of local fresh fish, which used to be difficult to use as sushi ingredients, and has created a lot of local fans.


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